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Holly Smee

Welcome, Seekers & Seers!

Howdy! I am Holly - a multi-passionate person who doesn't fit neatly in one box.


I'm a bit all over the place but I believe that is one of my greatest strengths.


I am a Visual Artist, Mystic,  Author, Clinical Psychotherapist, and a Maker of Pretty Things.


I have rebirthed myself many times. I like this version of me today the very best.


I can hear the voice of my heart loudly above the other voices now. If you were looking for sparkles and glimmers, you came to the right place.


PS: I still believe in magic. Do you?

My childhood memories always involved the same themes: making art, daydreaming invisible things, playing the enchanting piano, wandering,and a deep friendship with the animals around me.


These loves have never left me. 


One day while navigating a health crisis, I had an epiphany. Childhood dreams of being an artist had grown stagnant from years of my own self-neglect. 


I loved my career as a Licensed Psychotherapist, but I also knew the creative parts of me felt abandoned. Adulthood tells you to pursue other things, and that accumulating things will bring happiness, but it is not true.


There is more to life than being who the world told you to be, rather than being who you actually are.

I knew I had to reclaim the lost artistic parts of myself to be whole and complete, so I set out on a quest to find the missing parts of me.

Two decades ago I sold paintings under the business name Moonfeather Creations. My art business is a return to that, resurrected with a twist. 

Welcome to The Feather on the Moon

Did you know that there is literally a falcon feather on the moon? NASA left it there next to a hammer after conducting an experiment. 


It is pretty damn nifty that there are things in the world that others do not see, and yet they exist nonetheless. 

There are parts of ourselves that sometimes we don't show, until we choose to reveal them. I am so glad you found me here x

Holly with her dog Juno

Just a Girl with Lots of Passion and Drive

Window Plant

Birthing is Creating

Art is more than painting and drawing. Art is creating something that did not exist in the world until you brought it to life.

When you birth a dream, you alter the universe. My heart is my creations. I created two great decks housed under one big dream.

These decks are a labour of love, featuring original artwork that blends traditional symbolism with contemporary themes and diverse representation.
Both are designed to be tools for self-discovery, offering guidance and wisdom with every draw.  


Modern Tarot for a Modern World

Learning Made easy, handmade designs, & luxury specs

Starlight Tarot 

An innovative deck that is literally the first of its kind. Combining the mystical symbolism of tarot with the intuitive clarity of oracle cards, each card includes its meaning written directly on it.  

beautiful sky with a moon
The Three of Wands
night sky
The Knight of Cups

Moonlight Tarot

For those that love a classic approach, this deck features the same stunning artwork but without the written messages, allowing for deeper intuitive engagement. 

2 Magical Items - 2 Magical Options

Pink Lotus Flower

Okay, But Why Tarot?

Because I love words and communication, like every person with a rising in Gemini does. 

And I am driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of a sun in Capricorn, fated to climb mountains.

And my moon in Libra compels me to make things beautiful, like an artist with a strong aesthetic for beauty.

Tarot is all of these things.

Ganesha Statue with Marigolds

Empress Publishing & The Feather on the Moon 

Founded 2023

Hollytree Wellness Centre

Founded 2017 ~ Sold 2023

Holly Smee Clinical

Founded 2015 - Present

2003 - 2013

Moonfeather Creations

Are you looking for a business mentor? Or someone to consult with?

Or are you curious about how you can create your own deck of tarot cards? Let me teach you how. 

Piano Keys

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Plant Box
Moon Gazing_edited.jpg

Empress Publishing


Proudly published with Empress Publishing (EP), a small Canadian independent press founded in 2023. EP is your Fairy Godmother of Publishing, helping budding authors and deck designers with a dream, midwifing their creations to life. 


When you are ready to birth a dream and catch a falling star, Empress Publishing can help you.  As a recognized Canadian publisher, EP can publish any creative works that include a book, helping to  support your dream of becoming an author or tarot deck creator.

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